[Eng/Speak] Engoo 5일차

기사 공부 :


필리핀 선생님이 오늘은 약간 허겁지겁 들어와서 정신없이 수없이 진행된듯 하지만,,, 무튼 정리

항상 인사와 감정표현 등은 일상 대화 질문은 좀더 챙겨둘 필요가 있다.


peer : a person who shares the same age or social status as another person

He quickly won the respect of his peers

inherently : in a permanent or essential way

He is trying to change an inherently corrupt system.


compartmentalize : to divide something into various sections that are not connected

You should compartmentalize your work time in such a way as to be able to finish all your tasks.


void : an empty space

stem from : to originate from somewhere or something

Can you tell me where its origin stems from?


epidemic : widespread

authentic – genuine ; real

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