[Eng/Speak] engoo 3,4일차 정리

  • 필리핀 선생님
  • engoo에서 제공한 article을 기반하여 수업

( Class was based on article which supported by Engoo )


I work as a computer engineer.

My hobbies are making lego toys and reading books related to my major.


Day 3 article : Google Chromebooks on Rise


First Teacher read the word first after that I read example sentence which is relative to the word

Words : stripped-down , make inroads, stylus , hinge, palatable

broader – wider; extended

palatable : pleasant or acceptable to somebody

==> 형용사 (음식등이) 입에  맞는, 맛이 좋은, 받아들이기 좋은


Day 4 article : Airbus to Test Self-Flying ‘Air Taxi’ in 2017



autonomous  – navigated and operated by a computer, without a need for human control or intervention


Airbus is going to avoid adding pollution to cities by using electric vehicles.


표현 ( 인지 아닌지, 내가 그때~ )

When I travel on an airplane, I sometimes think whether I will survive or not if the plane crashed.

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