Hi. I`m Lee of

I have been buying domain for over 8 years already. The content on the site is too short compared to the period of 8 years. However, I have been rewriting in recent years with a desire to accumulate the materials that I have created. I did.)

I recall seven years ago when I started the site, I have plannig my career after an honorable discharge .
First step is to buy Micro Server(HP) as used.

There was nothing I could do right after buying a server, but I remember that I was excited to get into CMOS and get into it. I want to build something here.

At that time Redhat / Windows Server to stimulate the brain to study the server, followed by two books, I put the service on the operating system, I used to spend a couple of days all night while trying to use it directly.

I am now doing server-related tasks using the bash, csh shell script, and the scripting languages ​​Perl and python. So far, if i evaluate me by myself, there are many things i have to try harder, but sometimes i can get results as much as i can, and i can feel the sense of accomplishment. However, I think this is not the result of myself, but the many unknown contributors who posted good quality data on

So the goal of is to make my knowledge a stepping stone for beginners and to make information available to the collective intelligence of society.

I will make a lot of effort.